Two weeks ago, I attended an area Comic Con, and a couple weeks before that was the “Take Action Get Profits” seminar.

These seemingly unrelated things are actually surprisingly related.  While I may be a comic fan, and have quite a few DVDs (X-Men, Daredevil, Spiderman, and many more) of super heroes, almost everyone is a fan of the hero.  We want to be a hero.

During the seminar Michele Scism discussed, “Following your passion” and “doing what you love.”  When you do things you love, your face lights up.  You get renewed energy.  When people ask about your passion you talk about it, and people can feel you are in love with what you do.

In a way this makes you a hero.  Before I continue, I am a woman, and am using hero in this case for men or women.  According to Webster’s Dictionary a hero is “a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities.”  You probably admire people have skills you do not, or those who have skills who far exceed your own.

If you hate math, you probably admire the bookkeepers and accountants.  If dates mean nothing to you, I admire people who can rattle off birthdays, special events and / or history.  Me?  I’m lucky to remember today is Halloween.   


What is it that you are good at doing?  

Are you doing it?

People are looking for someone to help them. They are looking for people who are passionate about what they do, because they exude an energy that almost demands admiration.  

At the seminar I got to know Natalie Wheeler; from, she loves vegan raw foods.  She was so passionate about what she does that she converted several people into drinking Green Smoothies for breakfast.  She offered people wellness, which is what people want.  They need to consume more vegetables and now they are.

Caterina Rando offered people ways to make their businesses grow.  People want money which requires business growth. What the people needed, was getting up in front of groups and speaking.  

Therese Sparby is a coach, she offers growth in business and life.  Bob Jenkins offers profit growth for coaches.  I could go on… but this isn’t limited to services.  

Bob Bergeron at the seminar was passionate about Cajun recipes with his Deck-o-meals.

You could be really passionate about selling collector items.  One man at the Comic Con was dressed as a Zombie, with a broken cigar hanging from his lips.  He walked around his booth and interacted with the public.  And he made money.

But how can I be a business hero?

You offer services or products people want.  In either the service or product industry, heroes are the people who are ready to help others.  Many people need help, sometimes they know it, sometimes you need to offer them something they want. 

This could be something they want, like wellness, or something they don’t want, like cleaning house.  It could be they enjoy answering emails, but they don’t have the time anymore.  You may need to sell them on handling clients first.  When you handle clients, emails, cleaning house, social media or another service you are giving the person something they long for … TIME.  And that makes you a hero.

I learned I’m A Business WordPress Hero

We forget that what we’re good at, others might not be.I love working with WordPress.  Designing a branded and secure website is exciting to me.  When I told some people, they were in awe, and said thank goodness for people like you.

Plenty of people don’t like creating websites.  Others enjoy creating websites but don’t like the detail work of branding.  As for the security element, it’s something that was brought to my attention when a friend’s WordPress website was hacked.   Even with my years of training,  it took most of a month learning the ins and outs of securing a website.  

What works on one server, theme or installation may not work on another.  At the seminar I showed several people I could see the files they uploaded.  Think of all your information exposed like that.  It’s my passion to make certain your website is branded AND secure.   If I save them time and energy, it makes me a hero in their eyes.  (As does your skill.)

And what really made me a hero in the eyes of several at the seminar is when I showed them holes in their WordPress Security.  Thus I designed a new program; WordPress Security Lock.  WordPress Security Lock  keeps your website safe from villains, like malware, hackers and those who just want the files you’ve uploaded. 

You will get an introductory email within 48 hours.   At that time, tell me how you are a hero in your business (and who referred you so they can be heroes too!) and I’ll refund $50 of the fees!

Get WordPress Security Lock Now

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