Yesterday we talked about How to Start and Plan a Business.  Looking for companies that offer services that are complementary to what you want to offer is just the start.  

While you may be looking for clients that are similar to your complementary businesses, your ideal client may be different.   Too few companies choose a single ideal client; instead they focus on a group of people.  Even the companies you are working with may not have a singular ideal client, which is part of why your target audience may be different.

Why a Single Member for Your Business Target Audience?

Have you ever noticed how you speak to an audience differently than a single person?   Now think about how you talk to a child versus someone your age.  Imagine the conversations you would have with a restaurant owner versus a member of the wait staff versus the chef.   A doctor, an owner of a roofing company, a tech company owner, and a pet hotel owner each have their own terms for what they do, and for the conversations with their clients.

While you may have similar conversations with each, there are elements that unique.  And that uniqueness is what makes your ideal client different than any other people.  Learning the uniqueness of your ideal client will allow you to talk to your client quite possibly like no one else does.

An Example of a Single Target Audience

Trader Joes has a very unique store, that has a culture that is all its own.  That culture is able to pull in the crowds, and yet it was designed for a single person.   While the specifics are left to their own marketing department there have been partial leaks of who that person is.

The founder of Trader Joe’s was Joe Colombe.  Living in Pasadena he saw quite a few professors and other academics that traveled to Europe.  There, they were enjoying food, wine and other foods that were both cheaper and more available.  Even if they could find the same things at home, working at the university, these academics were on a budget. 

But that audience included professors, aides, and others who work at universities.  Each of these people have a different language, each of them have tastes that are unique.  What would appeal to one, might not appeal to all, but if they could create an environment that was completely appealing to that one person, it would appeal to others who had similar tastes.

Thus an ideal customer was chosen, it wasn’t a real person, but a model. They laid out all the details of that person.  With that information they were able to pick products for the person, lay out the store in a way that was convenient to that person.

This professor shopped on a budget.  This professor wants unique groceries, and preferably more environmentally friendly.  Beyond the groceries but he would want as much of the store as possible as environmentally friendly as possible.   Recycled bags, less packaging, no GMOs, in store brands and so on were what would appeal to this professor.  Even the Hawaiian shirts were chosen to appeal to a professor that preferred casual over the standard uniform. 

Tomorrow’s post will cover how you can design your ideal business target audience of one.

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader



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