When you are in business, the last thing you want is a customer calling you and telling you that your business is closed.  Offline this may mean your manager didn’t open the doors or show up.  Online, this could mean your website is hacked, hosting service isn’t working, your website needs updating or even worse, your website is infected with malware.

The last is exactly what happened to one of our clients this week.  A customer called her to ask if visiting the site was safe.  Our client typed her website in and saw the red screen that says her site was infected with malware.

While one person called, as a business owner you can’t help but wonder how many people saw the red screen and just went somewhere else.  These are potential sales gone; these are potential customers and clients that may now be clients and customers somewhere else.

The thing is Marie has been a client of mine for years, even before Media Guard Group ever started.  She has worked online for years, so she does most of her own website work.  When she calls, I know it’s a big issue and she needs help, soon.  We talked briefly and I set my team to working on her website.  

Sadly her site was very sick. 

Even Safety Minded Business Owners Can Get Hacked

Marie knows the rules of keeping her website safe.  She keeps her plugin list pretty clean.  She has a few extra themes, but typically because she used them recently and has special graphics made for them.  She watches her website like a hawk…

But hackers and malware  do not discriminate.  They don’t care if you have a store, or if all you have is information, or if you make a million dollars a month or make nothing.   They don’t really care how much you watch your website.  They don’t care that you keep the minimum on your website.  All they need is a hole. 

Why Malware is Bad for Your Website

As you can see from the image it has malware and backdoors all over the place. The problem is what all happens after a hole is found. 

  • Malware is like mold, if you don’t find and remove all of it.  It will continue causing problems.
  • Hackers create multiple secret entrances into your sites.  Imagine if someone had access to your house, and each time you fixed a secret entrance he simply used another one?
  • The malware and hackers may attack your website directly
  • They may be sneaky and simply attack your visitors.  They’ll do it behind your back and you won’t even know, but your visitors will
  • Perhaps they’ll change your website, rearrange things, change links to their own, or change links to things you don’t want to be linked to…
  • The party you don’t get invited to.  In this case it would be they invite all their friends to party and trash things on your website.


Her Malware Infected Site is Your Win

After we got her site clean, I called her.  We talked for over an hour.  While she signed up for our Deluxe website security and maintenance package, she wanted the assurance that we’d come and update her website regularly and offer her assistance when she needs it.  But she said it may not fit all businesses, perhaps business owners like her monitor their websites themselves.  It could be that the monthly cost is too prohibitive for some business owners.

Thus we are now offering a new service.  WordPress Guard.  With this service, we monitor your website for possible infections, and then remove them for you.  We even remove the blacklisting, if you get blacklisted.  For a limited time we are offering a special price, so contact us today and get your special pricing.

by MJ Schrader


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