Today’s post is both a business and personal post, with how to start and plan a business from my own history.  Yes, I should be posting about your business reputation with branding and security… but stick with me, you may be surprised at how this post goes.

It’s January 1st, the beginning of a New Year.  Business owners and non are making commitments on how this new year will go.  But starting and making a commitment does not have to begin on a specific day or at a specific time.

This time last year, Media Guard Group did not exist.  I had a major client paying every two weeks for my services, a few smaller clients who paid every month, or as needed.  There were times I created a site to represent my business or what I offered, but typically they were sites that were not looking at the bigger / long term picture.

Start and Plan a Business

This is part of why branding has become important to me.  Building a brand is about building a presence that will carry forward into the future, representing you and your company now and in the future. 

How to Start and Plan a Business

You create a business to grow, and creating a site without vision may not have room to grow.  This was a problem my previous company faced.  When my major client missed a couple payments last January, I realized that the old company wasn’t going to work.  I spent two months with my head down, looking at companies that offered services that were similar and complementary to my own skills.  Then deciding what I could learn and what I could build a team to handle. 

I enjoy building websites, it is part art, part craft, part skill…  Coding? Well, I really don’t want to admit when I first studied coding, but let’s say I started in the 80s.  Building websites in the 90s.  WordPress design in 2004 or roughly version 1.2. 

Branding was something that I saw a need for, as was security.  These were both things that the major client had lacked before I started with them.  They weren’t consistent with their vision, colors, or font.  Security?  Well, they were hacked several times.

Social media is something I enjoy.  While my company isn’t currently doing much, I have a team that’s ready to go into action for our clients.

The name “Media Guard Group” was chosen as a name that could offer those services and to grow as needed.   What will be important in the future may not exist now… just like WordPress didn’t exist prior to 2003.  This is another reason branding is an important part of your company.  This also builds security for the future by allowing for the company to grow. 

Complementary Businesses

Another part of the security was planning with whom I’d want to work.  Truth is, you can’t do it alone.  When you find people with whom you are compatible, then likely they know other people with whom you are compatible. 

Thus I looked for companies with complementary offerings that were positive owners whom attracted positive people.  Even though Media Guard Group overlaps some of offerings of these other companies, there is still plenty of room for complementary growth. 

Have you planned your business?  Have you mapped out what skills you offer now, what skills you will offer?   


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