Today covers What Is Your Ideal Product Profile?  Basically this tells you what your ideal client wants, so hopefully you read yesterday’s post about Creating Your Ideal Client Profile.  Creating your ideal client profile gives you a “real” person to visualize who will want your product..  You might want to imagine yourself at a coffee house sitting across a table, talking to the person.  Perhaps someplace else would be more comfortable.  

Your goal is to find what they want enough to open their wallet for you.  What they need doesn’t really matter; if they don’t want it, they won’t buy it.  If they want it, but aren’t willing to pay for it, then it doesn’t benefit you to offer it.  (Or if they are willing to pay, but don’t have the money then it still doesn’t benefit your company.)

That is why creating your ideal client as an almost tangible person is so important.  The single mom working 2 jobs, barely paying bills isn’t likely to pay for custom meals delivered to your home, or your course on how to fix gourmet meals, but she might pay for your quick and healthy meals on budget ebook or ebook series.  If you want to offer the custom meals delivered to your home then you should go back and rework your ideal client, that might be the 60 hour a week professional with children in soccer, ballet and karate.  

Your Ideal Client Pains and Want Product Profile

Put yourself in a conversation with the person and look into their life.  See what it is that the person wants and needs and then you can create the Client want profile.  From the client 

  • What does your ideal client want? / What causes the person pain? 
  • Why does it cause them pain? 
  • How does the pain impact their finances, emotions, business, and life?  
  • What happens if the person can’t have access to what you provide?  
  • What other services or products are available that help with that pain?
  • Is the person going to want a do-it-yourself option?  Or is the pain strong enough to justify having you do it?
  • What value will your ideal client place on your products or services?

Your Ideal Product Profile

Your Ideal Product Profile

Knowing what they want is only part of your success.  You must be able to provide something that matches, and it should be something you are passionate about.  If you aren’t passionate about it, then you might not have enough “want” to keep at it during lean times.  Or it may be time to rework your ideal client profile.  

  • Can you offer something that will ease the ideal client’s pain?
  • How much relief does it offer?  Is it temporary relief or permanent?
  • Does it solve a business pain?  
    • Does it have a measurable return on investment?
    • Does it make their clients or customers happier?  Increase their satisfaction?
    • Does it help them connect or inspire their clients?
    • Will it increase business?
    • Will it sustain the ideal client’s business?
    • Does it increase opportunities?
  • Or does it solve a personal pain?  (Remember for a business owner it can be both)
    • Does it inspire them?
    • Does it make the day easier?
    • Does it give the more peace /happiness?
    • Does it help the family?  Or create more family happiness?
    • Does it make life longer /better?
  • Will your ideal client pay for it when finances are tight?
  • Why will your ideal client value what you offer?
  • What value will your ideal client put on what you offer?

Live, Laugh, Love,
From this you can learn what your ideal client is willing to buy.  Remember the vote that counts is the one that has your client opening their wallet.    

MJ Schrader



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