About Us

At Media Guard Group, we believe that websites and businesses need a combined and unified presence and force online.  We specialize in branding, this means we design, brand and secure your online presence to your business and field.  We started with website design and redesign and maintenance, but that is just the start of our business.  We also offer social media management, brand name protection, and branding through design.

The leadership team brings each of their unique abilities and capabilities to the company. We have carefully built teams to craft those services to your business even more.   These are essential parts of your business and website and we work closely with other Internet Companies who provide services that further compliment your business for growth and specialized presence within your niche.

Media Guard Group works with a wide variety of businesses and even individuals who are seeking to brand their name and identity online and offline.   

Our business consists of several teams, but we consider our teams more like family.  Family is very important to all of us at Media Guard Group and why we make our relationship with clients special.

MJ Schrader

Founder and CEO

MJ Schrader has been working on websites since 1999.  In 2005, tired of the problems with Joomla, she discovered WordPress.   

MJ has used her skills to design branded and secure websites that are built to last.  That combined with her attention to detail is why million dollar businesses have hired her, and why you’ll want her company working with your company.  




Renee Corbett

of Renee Corbett Coaching

Renee is a business coach and provides professional services to businesses.   Through these services and talents, she has worked with Media Guard Group on various projects and with various companies.  

She has an extensive background in the retail and marketing worlds. Some of her prior work was with Gateway Computers where she was a field marketing manager for the New England territory.  Currently she uses guidance, support, accountability and encouragement to help entrepreneurs  focus on success and growth.