Perhaps the reason companies hesitate on using a Business WordPress Site is because they hear about hackers and the maintenance WordPress requires.  Now while that may seem valid, any site can be susceptible to those who think it is fun to turn your site into a playground for their own uses. 

Suddenly Google and other search engines are blacklisting you.  Your visitors are fleeing because their anti-virus programs come on each time they visit.  Browsers are blocking access or you are suddenly selling things you don’t want to be associated with.

Recently one young hacker admitted to randomly hacking up to 50,000 websites per week.  He admits that he looks for vulnerabilities and uses them for quickly hacking the website.  It doesn’t matter if your website uses WordPress, HTML, Joomla, Drupal, ASP, or something else your site can become a target.

Like discussed last week, WordPress is growing regularly.  It is becoming an ever increasing presence in businesses and top websites of the world.  The ability of it to handle your content and turn it into something unique for your business is amazing.

But like any site it requires work. To protect yourself against hackers or servers that break, or the assistant who accidently breaks the site, you need to know the tips and tricks to keep your business website safe.

Keep Your Business WordPress Current!

WordPress regularly creates updates.   Many site owners see the update and worry about crashing the site or don’t want to spend the time on the update, so they wait.  Then they get used to seeing the alert that says you need to update your site.

But updates provide enhanced features, fix bugs discovered, and prevent users from exploiting vulnerabilities.  Thus when several updates pass, and suddenly your site becomes an invitation to hackers.

Updates may seem scary.  There is a possibility your website may break.  There is a possibility things may not work as they should.  This is typically due to conflicts between the new version of WordPress and themes and plugins. 

To provide you a level of security, you should back up your website before you do an update.  Fortunately WordPress has instructions on how to create your WordPress Backup.  It’s a rather long page, because it depends on your server on which method is best for your website. 

Regular Backup Your Business Website

But that backup before you update your website isn’t enough.  You may forget.  You may have issues, or your site may suddenly crash.   A crash is bad enough, but then to find that you haven’t backed up your website in months, can really cause some issues.

Fortunately there are plugins that allow you to regularly backup your website like Online Backup for WordPress or Backup to Dropbox.  These allow you to schedule regular backups, which is extremely important for your security and emergency planning.  But updating WordPress and backups are just two parts of what you need to do.

Updating Plugins and Themes

Plugins need regular updating for the same reasons as WordPress, additionally to maintain compatibility with the newest version of WordPress.  Same is true of themes.

Fortunately you can easily go to plugins, and select the “Update Available” plugins and bulk update them.  Some will need to be checked and their settings revised. 

Also on the screen with the updates, you can also select all plugins and turn them off if your website is behaving strange.  This is a great way to see if one plugin is causing the issue.  You can then turn them back on, one by one to see which is causing the problem.

With themes, you want to reduce the number of themes you have to just a few.  This reduces vulnerabilities and space.  Like the plugins you can just select update to update your theme.  The only problem is your customized theme, those customizations unless they are built separately, they will disappear.  But even that can be saved by using a child theme or saving your customizations so you can easily revise that part of the code.

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