Technically some of these aren’t security programs.  They are all security related, between keeping your computer secure, to keeping your documents secure,  to social media security, to WordPress Security.  Some you download, some you install, and one is a test.  Most are free, with paid options, one is an awesome price for an awesome program.  There’s actually *a growing number* of security programs below.

Plus a bonus by Media Guard Group… it’s a limited time offer so act soon.


PC Security

Avast (Windows)

Protect your website with this awesome Antivirus program.  It’s a lightweight program that helps guard your site against viruses.  Press a link that might be to a bad site and it warns you.  It downloads and installs without a reboot and uninstalls cleanly. 

Get one of the paid versions for additional protection.  I use the Internet Security package.

Advanced Systemcare (Windows)

Need additional protection and cleaning?  Get Advanced SystemCare.Security Programs for Your Online Business and LifeIn addition to removing malware, it also removes cookies, cleans up junk and invalid registry items.  This allows you to enjoy a faster cleaner computer.  Just make certain to decline the toolbar it tries to add.  


Link Security

AVG LinkScanner  (Chrome, FF or IE)

With limited space, many social media formats use short links.  Even if they don’t use short links, links can appear to be one thing and go to another type website.  This rates links as per safety and finds threats other sites might miss, while blocking tracking software. (FF, bookmark on other browsers)

With this you can see where that link actually takes you. You can add this to your Firefox browser, for other browsers drag and add it as a bookmarklet.


Password Security

LastPass (Online)

Manage all your passwords with this free program.  You no longer have to remember is this the site that requires the weird symbol, capital letters and numbers or just numbers and letters? 

No download necessary, but you can add the Chrome or Firefox plugin to make logging into website even easier. 

KeePass (Windows)

Pronounced KeyPass this program is similar to LastPass.  It will help remember your passwords and keep secure notes for you.  It’s a free program and unlike LastPass this resides on your computer. 


WiFi Security

Hotspot Shield (Windows or Mac)

Do you use public WiFi?  Of course public WiFi is great, because it’s free.  But it doesn’t come without downsides.  There are those who will spy on you and some can even steal information all while you are checking your Facebook or working on that major project.   This program will help protect your computer with encryption.

GoTrusted (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android)

Uses a strong encryption to hide your computer’s IP.  A free public WiFi can be a secure website.  Should you be abroad, then you can watch videos from your home country without facing the not available in this country screen.  Also unlocks Facebook and YouTube where they normally would be blocked.  Free Trial.  


Social Media Security

Bitdefender Safego (Facebook or Twitter)

Tired of those scammy links that say “Is this you” on your Facebook account?  With this social media app for Facebook or Twitter you can be warned of possible spam, scams and phishing attempts.  It’ll alert you to links on your wall or ones others posted.  It’ll even add a comment so your friends are protected from those links as well.  You can adjust these settings as you install it.

SocialShield  (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Formspring, and MySpace)

Keeping your children secure is just as important, if not more so!  With Social Shield you monitor your child’s Facebook, Twitter, and some additional social media accounts.  It monitors their public and private posts, messages, photos and friends.  You are alerted to any dangerous activities.  This could be inappropriate content such as profanity, terms regarding sex, drugs or drinking. 

Minor Monitor (Facebook and Twitter)

Perhaps you want more information.  With Minor Monitor you can see everything instead of just the potentially dangerous.  And yes your children probably already know about privacy settings, this means you can also see when your child is posting innocuous things, yet during the school day!  This also alerts you to overage friends who have few contacts (potential predators). 

ReclaimPrivacy (Facebook)

Posting the privacy or copyright statement will not protect your privacy or pictures.  Reclaim Privacy can be added to your browser via bookmarks.  While it’s not fully compatible with the latest Facebook privacy changes, they will be updating as time allows.  It can help you check your Facebook privacy settings, so you know what is set for public and when a setting becomes public. 


Social Media Backup

Backupify (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Various Google Products)

You probably have a lot of data on Social Media.  You have pictures, contacts,  information, and more… until something happens.  It could be user error or it could hackers or erroneous deletion, or something else, and suddenly everything is gone.  Not all of these can be restored, but at least you can have the information which can help rebuild your account.

Social Safe (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more)

In addition to backing up your social media it creates a digital journal.  This creates a calender which makes it easy to look at any day on social media.  You can also use the search to find a comment on a tagged photo, something you said or a particular friend. 

All My Tweets (Twitter)

With this you can copy a year’s worth or up to 3000 tweets and paste into a document for easy access.  This may not seem like a security program, but there are times when you need to know what your twitter stream said, and there are ways you can reuse your posts.



Device Security

Prey Home Plan (Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android)

*LIMITED TIME PRICE OFFER* This is not free, however with AppSumo this is a great deal!  For $49 you can track up to 10 of your devices.  Devices means your smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet should they get lost or stolen. Track the device via GPS.  Hand the police exact information with screenshots of what thief is doing and where they are.  With the webcam you can take a picture of the person using your device.   

Smartphone Security Check (Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows)

Launched by the FCC and Public-Private Partners, Smartphone Security Checker is designed to help consumers protect their mobile devices.   


Document Security

DropBox (Windows or online)

Use this program and you can easily sync files between computers or share them with others.  It stores the files locally and on the cloud, which makes it great for working with someone else.  You can share a folder with a friend who has Dropbox and both of you have access to the file.   With the encryption and keeping track of changes made your information is safe. 

Sugar Sync (Windows, Blackberry, Android, Apple

Similar to DropBox this allows you to sync files across computers while keeping your information secure. The advantage of this over DropBox is in its ability to be your online backup for any files on your computer. SugarSync even saves 5 versions of your files just in case you want to revert.


WordPress Security

WordPress Security Test (WordPress)

Free Test that allows you to test your own WordPress security for weaknesses.  This is a quick 10 question test created by Media Guard Group!  Yes, we want your website to be safe and that is part of our security offerings!

WordPress Security Lock (WordPress)

This service is provided by us at Media Guard Group.  On January 10th, this service is going from $347 to $547.  We custom design your security to your website.  


Website Protection

Website Backup and Restoration (WordPress)

It doesn’t even have a name yet, but it will be starting at $97 a month.  But until January 10th, the price is only $85 a month and WordPress Security Lock is included for free* 

(Requires minimum 3 months of subscription or $250 cancellation charge)



Yes, this list may be a bit overwhelming find the choices that work for you.   However, security is like insurance, you often don’t think about it until you need it… but getting it after you need it won’t do you much good.  If you have a business remember your website is the portal by which others see you.  Your social media is another portal that you want to protect.  

And remember you want to get the special discounts on the services!  These prices are only for two weeks, then not only do they go to normal pricing, the normal pricing will be more than they are currently!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

MJ Schrader