Security is often overlooked while building a business WordPress site, yet it possibly the most important element of an online business. Securing your website doesn’t make money, so it doesn’t take precedence. 

Besides which, if security was a big issue it would be in the press. Yet when it is in the press most business owners check their website, if it is ok, then life is ok.  And they will delay worrying about security for another day or another week.

It’s hassle.  It’s an expense.  It takes time.  There is not an easy to do list.

Do you think locking your doors and windows are a hassle or time expense?  Do you think having insurance or an alarm system as just an expense, or do you think of it as piece of mind?

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned how a friend was hacked.  This got our team to thinking.  We cleaned up the website for her.  Marie was happy.  The problem is that her problems could have been prevented.  It was much unneeded stress for her, and racing to check your website to see if it is still ok, is stress you don’t need either.

This is the thought going through our minds this past week on our leadership call at Media Guard Group.

You Have Holes in Your Business Website Security

What happens quite often is that a hacker uses a program to look for sites that have certain components.  After finding sites that do have those pieces, they use test the site to see if there are holes in the business site security.  All they need is to find that you left open certain pages.

From those pages, they will see if they can gain access.  What is really amazing and sad is that often your own website is all too eager to help the hackers.  If you don’t have your Business WordPress website set up a certain way, it will tell them if they are hot or cold.  Once the hacker has a hot, he can keep asking the website until it lets them in. 

That is unless you set up your website correctly.  Reducing the number of easily accessible points on your website is like planting holly or other thorny plants in front of each one of your windows.  Locking those possible entry points helps reduce the possibilities of entry even further.

You also want your website how to not tell hackers if they are hot or cold. 

Locking Your  WordPress Business Website

Fortunately there are some things you can do yourself.  Unfortunately some can be done, but with each update, you’ll have to do them again.

Similar to adding a monitoring system to your house, adding a monitoring system that locks down your website can be tricky.  While you can lock down your website, you could lock yourself out as well.  And you probably know at least one person (if not yourself) that has accidently locked themselves out of their house.

In fact, our own WordPress Rockstar, had one site completely crash during testing.  2 sites she was permanently locked out of, and she can’t count the number of times she had sites crash, show blank pages, become completely full of error pages.  Yes, it’s true she tests to see where it will break, but what she ran were some pretty common scenarios.

That is why we are coming out with a service that helps lock down your website.  So stay tuned!  We’ll have an introduction pricing for a few weeks, so you’ll want to get the package as soon as possible.

Visit and you can test your website right now.


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