Social Media Brand Marketing


I found a time machine!

And I want to give YOU back time in
your life that you desperately need.

I’m not talking about a Fountain of Youth or some silly game.

Face it; we all have the same amount of hours in the day. It’s how we choose to use them that make some of us rich and some of us well, let’s say, not so much. So what if I told you I could give you extra time AND increase your business at the same time?

You’d be slightly interested, right?

When it comes to growing your business there is no magic beanstalk. You have to build a solid foundation, get good branding and find new ways to get your business ‘out there’.

Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not.
Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.” – Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog

I’m talking Social Media. And let me tell you, if you haven’t got on this crazy information super highway, you AND your business is missing out!

It’s a wealth of contacts, sharing and advertising. You can bring those thousands of people to your website with the right path. It’s like breadcrumbs that lead them to the whole enchilada. And they show up HUNGRY!

BUT, I won’t lie to you. It’s a time consuming endeavor. You need to locate other businesses, get likes and followers. Post, tweet, pin , re-post, re-tweet and repeat. You can get tangled, not to mention lost, in the social jungle of everyone’s life. Phew, talk about a time sucker.

You need more TIME, so you can share your brand on Social media.

But where do you find time???

Media Guard Group has the solution.

The key to Social Media is building relationships and we all know that takes time. Social Media allows your company to engage customers by asking questions and starting conversations. This goes a long way towards building relationships and makes Social Media a valuable tool for soliciting customer feedback, determining market needs, and keeping your audience interested in your company.

Just remember this simple formula:

Engagement leads to interaction.
Interaction leads to conversations.
Conversations lead to relationships and
Relationships… lead to sales!

Results you will see immediately:

  • Increased Followers
  • Increased Friends
  • Increased Connections
  • Increased re-posts (because we will engage your followers on your behalf)

Results you will see over time:

  • Increased site traffic
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Improved sales.

Build Relationships and You Build Your Business!

There is a misperception by many business owners that Social Media Marketing is free.

But remember everything in life costs time or money.

Social Media is about building relationships with your target market, and relationships take time and consistent effort.

The accounts don’t cost any money to setup, but Social Media takes time and focused attention to be successful. Whether this attention is provided by someone within your company or a Social Media expert, there is an investment involved. Your time is extremely valuable. (Just ask your husband or wife who doesn’t get to see your as much or the kids whose game you missed.)

Imagine Someone Focused on Building YOUR Brand!

You want someone to build your business and build your brand. This person should learn about your business, your target market, and the industry you are in… maybe even your competitors. This way they know your market and voice…

But that would cost a fortune!!!

That’s why we are here for you! When you sign up, we send a questionnaire so we can choose the right Social Media Brand Specialist for your industry. Your campaign starts about 5 days later, but during this time the Social Media Brand Specialist has time to learn about your target market.

They research who they are and where to find them. Your Social Media Brand Specialist even learns what your target market likes and doesn’t like, and even who else they follow.

By combining network building activities and interaction between individuals, your community and the community at large, your brand grows. People respond when their messages are reposted, and shared. With the interesting and relevant content your Social Media Brand Specialist posts your market will share your messages as well. We build your community, and because your community is engaged, they build your brand.

This is where the magic happens!

By Building Your Community and Your Brand, Your Business Grows.

Simply fill out the form below, and tell us some of the services you need.  Your business is unique, so we create a custom package for your business.