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A website for your business is no longer an option.   Customers want to know about you and your business, NOW, which may be 3 pm or 3 am.  It may be on Wednesday or Sunday.

Your business website is a gateway to clients and customers and opens the door to new business, and without it your competition may be winning your customers and clients.   But, just having a website is not enough.  As a gateway, your website is a very important impression (and possibly that vital first impression) your customers and clients see.

Website Design For Your Business Success

Yes, you can hire someone just to build your website.  There are web designers who may add Social Media elements, or they may know some design SEO features.  The question is, can they build you a comprehensive website?

We build a site that is:

  • Website Design by Media Guard Group

    Visitor Friendly.  When your visitors can find their way around your website easily, they are more likely to stick around, which builds your business.

  • User Friendly. So you or your staff are easily able to add posts or make modifications.

  • SEO Friendly.  Search Engine Optimization is partially design, partially having the right program, and partially having the right settings that help you or your SEO person make each page optimized.

  • Social Media Friendly.  When people like your website and it is social media friendly, people are more likely to share it.  

  • Branded to Your Business.  Your website should match the image your visitors have of you and your business.  If your website shows an inconsistent message, your visitors will feel it.
  • Device Friendly.  People use smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops to visit your website.  If your website is only good on one device, then it has a chance of alienating visitors who regularly use a different device.

  • Secure. With a few modifications your website can be less tempting for those who like to break websites just because they can.  

We think your website should be all of those and much more!


Now, is time for you to get your new website!


I’m sharing this as the HIGHEST POSSIBLE recommendation for a website/blogsite expert who has proven herself to be more valuable than gold and diamonds to me. 

The brilliant and amazing MJ Schrader does phenomenal work and is far beyond fair with her pricing, but it’s her genuine LOVE for her work and her clients that prompts me to make this post. This lady goes FAR beyond the call of duty and brings her best to everything she does. 

I suspect she’ll be off the market in the near future, so if you need any site work done now, grab her while you can. (By the way, she’s one of the few people who really “GETS” the full picture of technical, style AND marketing.)  

Brian Ridgway ~ Level 5 Marketing

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