Website Work Retainer

Don’t let website maintenance be your headache!

WordPress is known for being easy to use, but like any website it needs repairs and work on occasion.    Yes, you need to update regularly to new versions of WordPress, the plugins and the themes.   Plus you might want to change that plugin that is no longer maintained and switch it for one that is more current.  

Instead of paying $150 per hour, you pay a discounted rate.  

Need a new background?  Want to add new pages?  Need to load new graphics?  Change colors?  

You pay us a retainer, instead of paying $150 per hour, you pay a discounted rate.   And we can do your work for you.  

Each plan requires a minimum commitment of three months. You make your payments monthly, by buying the package with the buttons below.

If you want to pay for additional hours, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly, please use the contact form.  We offer discounted rates.  Just contact us.

Want Maintenance and Security?  Check out our Maintenance and Security.  


  • Monthly updates to the latest stable version of WordPress
  • Monthly updates of plugins (limit of 10 plugins, $15 per each additional plugin)
  • One hour of work (Need additional hours?  See below or use our contact form)
  • Supplementary hours will be billed at the standard $125 per hour. (savings of $25 per hour)

One Hour: $137/month (Recurring)

Subscribe $137 /month

Two Hours: $257 /month (Recurring)

Subscribe $257 /month

Don’t want to hire us monthly?  Need a repair right now?  

Use the button below.  It will cover up to 20 minutes of work.  

We will contact you after analyzing the problem to let you know if it will take additional time.   Our rates are $150 per hour. 

Minimum Charge

$75 once