WordPress Hacker Guard

What if you woke up one morning …

And Found Your WordPress Website Was Infected with Malware?
Or What If Your Business WordPress Site was Completely GONE?

What if you could have done something to prevent it from happening?

Dear Website Owner,

Website HackedWe could make up a story about how scary it is… but sadly this actually happened to one of our friends.  

Luckily Marie didn’t lose her website.  

But she did see this scary guy here to the left.  

Every few weeks she would get phone calls and messages from clients asking if her website was safe.  They would visit her site and see a red page, that warned that the website potentially had issues and by proceeding they could infect their computers.   They were warned their information could be compromised and sometimes the page even suggested going someplace else.  She would either wake up to these messages herself or get contacted by her concerned customers.

Imagine how many didn’t contact her.

Imagine how many just went somewhere else.

Each time she discovered an issue, she would clean up the website.  She removed what she thought caused the problems, and life would be good… for a while.   Then the the process would start over again. 

Can you imagine how frustrated you would be? 

Repeatedly getting hit with malware warnings? 

Repeatedly wondering what happened to your website?

Feeling a bit queasy?  That’s how Marie felt. She was about to just throw in the towel from all the frustration when she contacted us.   We immediately went to work, because our goal is to help all businesses succeed!  And if it could happen to her, it could happen to you. 

So the research started, and what we found was shocking….

WordPress website security has always had holes, but those constant updates only fixed some of the problems.  There were other vulnerabilities. 

It wasn’t just a few holes, but quite a few. Some were very gut-wrenching to see.  Most just needed a bit more protection. Knowing this could happen to Marie and our other friends….

We developed our Complete
“WordPress Hacker Guard” 55-Point package.

Sure, you may have the most obvious problems covered, but your WordPress website has many points of vulnerability.  Some are completely under your control and should be easy to remember… but others are not. 

Before we get into that, though, let’s discuss what is probably on your mind right now…

Why Would Hackers Attack My Site?

They hack for the same reason people climb mountains, because they can.  They don’t care how much work you put into the website.  Your website may have a store or only be a source of information for your readers.  It doesn’t matter to them. 

They don’t care if your website gets three visitors per day or thousands.  Whether your business WordPress site makes $5 a year or a million is not important to them.  The point is to see if they can hack the site and how many sites they can take down.

You hear about the stories are about the big companies and high profile sites being attacked.  Yet everyday hundreds of small sites are attacked.  They may suddenly start spewing malware at all the visitors, changing things on your site, redirecting your site… or in the worst case scenario …

Suddenly your website and everything on it are all gone.

Your Website GoneAll your work.  All your images.  Your WordPress theme. Your WordPress plugins.  Your PDF files. Everything gone. 

All because someone wanted to see how many sites they could hack today…

The harder you make it, the more likely they are to move on to the next website.  Some things you can easily fix.  That six character lowercase letter password you’ve been using for ages?   All a hacker needs is 10 minutes to bust it.

Other things are not as easy for you to fix, like if your website was installed with the username admin.  Some WordPress installations will let you delete the admin user if you sign in with another Administrative user.  Some installations will not delete admin, which means your dmin user won’t go away!!! And that is like leaving a key under the mat on the front porch.) 

But if that weren’t enough, your WordPress could be telling the hackers which version it is.  Or in another analogy, telling the thieves and people who want to party and trash your house which window is easiest to open.

Speaking of those who like to trash your house, those party people could find your files and be adding new ones.  These files could be ones that hurt your visitors, or ones that hurt all the hard work you’ve done.  And that PDF you spent all that time on… you know, that one you wanted only certain people to have?  They could have access to it right now.

Besides annoyance caused by hackers and malware, it also has costs, and…

A Hacked Website is Expensive!!!

[ez_box title=”Some Expenses You May Face” color=”red”] 
  • Wasted Time and Energy – How valuable is your time? $50 an hour? $100 an hour?  It can easily take over 10 hours to clean and restore a hacked website, for an expert WordPress person!   
  • Expensive Cleaning – When you decide to get your website professionally cleaned, it can easily be $500 or MORE, per site. With multiple sites on the same hosting, this could really run up the costs and also increase the chance of re-infection.
  • Credibility lost – Seeing the dreaded malware warning on your website is never good.  Having visitors see it makes them even less likely to stick around, and the longer your website has that warning the more likely they will not return.
  • Loss of Potential Buyers – Those people who stop visiting your website because of the warning could be buyers, and they may take their dollars elsewhere and possibly their friends and family as well.
  • Search Engine Ranking Drop – The months even years you spent building your reputation and ranking can easily disappear after you’ve been hacked.  And if you get blacklisted, you can be permanently removed from the rankings! 

This is your website, your business, maybe even your livelihood at risk.

Not just now, but in the future.  Remember those lost potential buyers?  And all the people they may have sent your direction?

WordPress is a great program.  Your business website can be highly customized, and updated.  You can have a website that is as unique as your business.  And adding new content is just like typing a letter, so you are able to add your latest news quickly easily and your visitors know about the latest news.  But not securing your website is like not securing your house.  You either checked for locking windows and doors or had locks added… but what about your website?

The question is – how secure is your WordPress website?

Fortunately you can take the WordPress Security Test now.  It opens in a new window!

What you will see are just some of the possible holes in your WordPress website.  There are many more places where your website could be weak.  Many more places where hackers could get into your website…

But each website is unique, just like your business.  The methods that work on one website may not work on another, but we want your website to be as secure and usable as possible.  This is why we customize security on your website with multiple layers of protection…

[ez_box title=”WordPress Hacker Guard Includes” color=”blue”]
  • Security inspection of current WordPress install
  • Review of your site against Google blacklist
  • Updating your WordPress site to the latest stable version 
  • Updating  plugins from WordPress.org to the latest versions
  • Removal of unused themes and plugins
  • Protection of WordPress directories and files
  • Change or upgrade to 8 WordPress Security Keys
  • Securing logins, possibly change of password
  • Securing of site content 
  • Report with additional actions that you need to perform

So the question is, are you going to get WordPress Hacker Guard now?

or would you rather wait until it’s too late?  

Get WordPress Hacker Guard Now!

It’s only $347

($497 versus all the costs of losing your website is an easy choice!)



Still not convinced?

Neither were some of the people we contacted during our testing phase.  That is why we created an easy way for you to Security Test your WordPress Website!  

Take our quick WordPress Test (opens in new window) if you haven’t already and you’ll have a better idea.  You may be in URGENT need of our WordPress Guard right now! 


 * Unfortunately technologies are ever-changing, new malicious scripts and new techniques are ever evolving, so it’s impossible for Media Guard Group to guarantee that your website will never be compromised in the future.


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