Backup Upgrade


One Year of Backups and Malware Removal Upgrade!! 

Have you ever made changes to your website just to wish you had not?  

Have you ever assigned a task to your team, and heard the dreaded “uh, oh… I may have messed up the website…”?

Website Crash

If you have a backup of your website, then you can restore or rebuild your website.  If you have a backup…

Sadly, most WordPress website owners want regular backups of their website, but they don’t make them.  Even those that do, they often use a plugin that backs the website up on the server.  The server is great… unless the reason you lose your website and information is because your server is corrupted.  

It happens.  More often than most website owners realize.   And the web host may or may not be making backups of your server and websites.  Even if they are making backups, they may or may nor restore your websites for you.  Of course, this assumes that your files aren’t corrupted.  

Do you want all this uncertainty with your website?  

Imagine if you had daily backups!  

We know the information on your website is valuable, so we do daily backups. We keep the latest versions, just in case you want or need to go back.  And no need to worry about the backup crashing if your server crashes, we keep the backups on a secure Amazon S3 account. 

So, if your team says there is a problem, a hacker does get through the security or maybe you just realized, “Hey I think this upgrade just broke my website.”  We can restore your website, up to 10 times per year.  We keep four backups, you just tell us which backup you want on your website.   

Yes, that’s what we do… so you can have even fewer worries with your business.  Don’t you have enough to worry about?  

And as an added bonus, should we find any existing malware and backdoors, we’ll clean your website.  Daily a report is run on your website comparing it against malware lists to make certain nothing slips through…

Isn’t your website worth it?

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  • Complete initial backup of your website
  • Weekly backups of your website
  • Up to 4 backups are stored
  • Up to 10 restorations a year
  • Daily monitoring of your website for malware
  • Removal of malware

Isn’t knowing that all the time and work you spent on your site worth protecting?  Especially for just $250 more? 

Get WordPress Hacker Guard
with Year of Malware Removal
and Backup Service Now!

Only $597


Still not convinced?

Neither were some of the people we contacted during our testing phase.  That is why we created an easy way for you to Security Test your WordPress Website!  

Take our quick WordPress Test (opens in new window) if you haven’t already and you’ll have a better idea. Depending on your score (0-100) you may be in URGENT need of our WordPress Guard right now! 


No, thank you.  I don’t want the upgrade. 

Just WordPress Hacker Guard please.


 * Unfortunately technologies are ever-changing, new malicious scripts and new techniques are ever evolving, so it’s impossible for Media Guard Group to guarantee that your website will never be compromised in the future.


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