WordPress Site Rescue

Removal of Hacking, Viruses, and Malware from Your WordPress

WordPress can be seen as an easy target by some hackers.  They can slip in some lines of code that you don’t even see and while all your visitors are getting the warning screen saying that the site has been attacked.

This is news no one wants.  And you need to take action as soon as possible, because the longer your site stays hacked the more the consequences grow.  Google and other search engines start blacklisting your website.  Your visitors can get viruses.  And the longer the redbox appears, the more readers will find it and start avoiding your website.

And the unfortunate consequence is then you start losing money.

Fortunately we offer WordPress Rescue.

This will remove hacking, viruses, and malware and restore your website.

All those nasty files, malicious codes  and other such files will be completely removed.  Your website and your reputation with search engines is restored!

What we do:

  • We set up a temporary home page, letting your visitors know the site is down for maintenance.
  • We set up new passwords for your cPanel, FTP, database and WP-admin
  • Your site and all files are completely inspected for all malicious scripts
  • Then all the codes are removed
  • Your WordPress website is restored as close as possible to before the attack
  • To disable the hackers, the Authentication Keys and Salts are changed
  • Then a check to confirm everything is working
  • Malware warnings from Google, Yahoo and Bing will be removed
  • Report


Get Site Rescue Now!

Only $180

* Unfortunately technologies are ever-changing, new malicious scripts and new techniques are ever evolving, so it’s impossible for Media Guard Group to guarantee that your website will never be compromised in the future.