Hug Thank you to MJ Schrader for going in and QUICKLY figuring out yet another custom WordPress fix for me.

Mike Hill

Just got all of my WordPress sites secured. Man, I was inviting trouble. I used Media Guard Group. Awesome service, priced right. This is NOT an affiliate link, just spreading the words of someone who is awesome at what they do.

Mike Morgan

I’m sharing this as the HIGHEST POSSIBLE recommendation for a website/blogsite expert who has proven herself to be more valuable than gold and diamonds to me. 

The brilliant and amazing MJ Schrader does phenomenal work and is far beyond fair with her pricing, but it’s her genuine LOVE for her work and her clients that prompts me to make this post. This lady goes FAR beyond the call of duty and brings her best to everything she does. 

I suspect she’ll be off the market in the near future, so if you need any site work done now, grab her while you can. (By the way, she’s one of the few people who really “GETS” the full picture of technical, style AND marketing.)  

Brian Ridgway ~ Level 5 Marketing