With the Internet, choices are as far away as the nearest search engine, so you want to be unique and appealing, which your Unique Selling Point helps you find.

And yes, you want competition. Other people offering solutions means people are willing to pay for what you offer.  Yet, to bring in business you need to be unique and stand out to your ideal client.  From What is your Business Target Audience we covered that  there are many grocery stores, but Trader Joe’s stands out to their ideal customer, and therefore that similar base.

Unique Selling Point

Your Unique Selling Point for Your Ideal Client

This helps you understand your own personal values and what makes you, your business and product unique.

  • What makes your offer unique?
  • Does your ideal client see your unique selling point?
  • Is your unique selling point appealing to your ideal client?
  • Do the believe in your unique selling point?
  • Are you using the voice / tone/ words your client expects from you?  
  • Are you involved in the social media that your ideal client uses?
  • Is your unique selling point something that the client can understand enough to share with others?  (You might not be able to describe why this band is different from another, but you do know which friends would like that type of band.) 

What Are Your Unique Selling Points from Your Competitors?

Learning about the competition can tell you help you differentiate yourself.  It also can help you understand your own audience by seeing how the competition engages them.  Finding where the competition measures up to your client’s desires and where they fall short, helps you set up your own relationship.

  • Why should the person buy from you versus others?
  • How is your competition engaging your ideal client?  
  • What is the competition doing different than you?  
  • Where is the competition leaving holes that aren’t reaching your ideal client?
  • Is the competition keeping their tone, message, brand consistent?  
  • Is the competition using the tone, message, and brand that the ideal client expects or wants?
  • What else do you see in your competition that your ideal client likes or dislikes?  (Remember Trader Joe’s Ideal Client probably doesn’t like standard uniforms, thus the Hawaiian shirts)

All these posts lately may sound like all beginner business lessons.  If you are already established you could ignore them … right?  


There are plenty of other times you need to go through all these steps, and tomorrow I’ll cover why… and why I’m going through these same steps while sharing them with you…

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader



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