If you have already started your business you may think the previous posts aren’t going to help you.  Actually you need to plan your business regularly!

Perhaps over time your ideal client changed.  Perhaps it didn’t but your focus did.  Maybe you stopped thinking about what your target audience wants in your product creation. 

Plan Your Business Example:

Like I shared in the first post, I created my business almost a year ago.  The model in mind was a complementary business that helped business owners.  I had a target audience in mind, but after a few months I realized that wasn’t the target audience I wanted to reach.  I still wanted business owners, but a different type.  So my focus changed, but time didn’t so I didn’t change any of my products, simply kept the same products.

Then I brought in an established team.  Although the business plan was roughly laid out, they preferred a more confrontational style.  This changed the way salesletters were worded, the way products were introduced and even the very clients that were approaching the business. 

The sad thing is, because this conflicted with the original view and the current of guiding and helping business owners, it resulted in the sales drying up.  The company went from a growing business with the best two months (I ever had with any business) to the worst four.  It was like someone turned off the faucet.

Plan Your Business or It Plans You

When your goals and ideals conflict with the messages sent by your business, it makes others feel conflicted.  When your brand is inconsistent and shifts constantly it makes visitors and potential clients feel like they are standing on shifting sand.  And the clients that do come through will be inconsistent in their wants and needs making you feel like you are standing on shifting sand. Your message, your products, your view, your business all needs to be consistent.  

Here are the recent posts:

All of these posts have actually been about planning and building your brand.  Your brand isn’t just the colors.  Your brand isn’t just the icon you use.  Your brand isn’t about the words you use with your company name.  Your brand is your company.

Build your brand, design it strong, and reinforce and redesign it periodically and you build your company.  Build a growing company and you just build security.  Ah… there’s my branding words, design, branding and security.

Coffee and Business Planning

Starbucks…When Do You Plan Your Business?

Even if the picture wasn’t to the right, you just pictured a green mermaid logo and if you like their coffee you may even had a brief moment where you could smell that fragrance.  If you go regularly you know the lingo, their baristas do.  They know the words; they use the same ones everywhere you go. 

Even if the location is different, and there may be location related paraphernalia in the store or on the menu, there is a consistency that is warm and inviting.  You know what to expect, and how the system works.  They know their target audience, and they know what that audience expects and wants and offer it consistently.  That makes Starbucks comforting … even if you aren’t a fan of their coffee.  (I go with a friend and neither one of us like their coffee, but we love the environment…)

So what is your brand? 

What are you doing to build it today?  

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader



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