Understanding your business purpose is part of this process of defining and growing your business.  You might call your business purpose, your why. 

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Why did you choose to be a business owner?
  • Why are you doing this business not another?  
  • Why do you offer what you do?
  • Why should people be interested in what you provide?
  • Why should people care about you offer?
  • Why are you doing this?

“Wait,” you say… “you repeated the last one.” 

Did I? Actually that question is the real question, all the others listed here may help you answer that why… but that one is the important one.

Because is Not a Business Purpose

What is your business purpose“Because I need to pay bills.”  Then why don’t you have a job?

“Because I have children.” Other people with children have jobs.

“Because I have medical issues.” “Because I like what I do.”

“Because…” whatever your “because” is, there are people with jobs making it work. Your why is bigger than a singular “because.”

But, you may not know what your why is.  You may say one of the things above, but your why must be as Frederick Nietzsche, a German poet and philosopher said…

“He who has a big enough why to live for can bear almost any how.”

If the reason you want a business is not big enough, you won’t be able to bear when you can’t reach your ideal client.  You won’t be able to bear when your products and services aren’t moving, or when the team you built is not working the way you hoped.  There are alternatives that are far easier than being a business owner.

You probably do internally but you need to make it big and make it into something you can see in words or pictures.  This will help you push through issues that might derail you normally.  

Unlike the other posts with multiple questions to get you to describe your ideal client and their wants, you only have one question to ask to find your why.  Like I said, “Because I have children” is not enough.

Does that mean when they are grown, you won’t want the business anymore?  If you have another because, what happens when that situation changes?  And why does that singular thing matter so much?

Finding Your Business Purpose Example.

Why? (are do you want a business?) “For my children.”  Why?  “To spend more time with them.” Why?  “So we can spend time together when they are small.” Why?  “to make a difference in their lives.”  Why?  “because I want to leave the world a better place”  Or you may venture off into other reasons why your business is important.

Sit down and clear your mind of everything other than why you want a business. Then start writing down your answers.  Keep asking yourself why you want to be in business for 10 minutes.

You might stay on a single track, like the children, or see you have other reasons why.  Your goal is to make this “why” as big and as real as possible, so it is bigger and stronger than obstacles that come up, and those obstacles will appear. 

So, tell me… Why do you want a business??

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader



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