Yesterday’s post covered why we want a business target audience of one, today will cover writing your ideal client profile. 

Basically you want to create an image of this ideal client that is so detailed that you can see the person in your mind, and even possibly run into the person on the street.  You want to be able to write to that one person, understand what causes pain for that one person, what makes that one person happy, what that person needs, and more importantly what that person wants.  You’ve probably heard it before, people know what they need, but they buy what they want.  

Your Business Ideal Client Profile

This can be done by answering these questions… and any others you might think of to describe your ideal client.

  • What is the person’s gender?
  • How old is your ideal client?   (You want specific age, because you are not 36-55, you are 48.)
  • Is the person single?  Married? Divorced?
  • What level of education does the person have?
  • What work does the person do?  
  • Does he/she enjoy it? 
  • What does the person do for fun?
  • Does the person have children?  Do they live at home?  How old are the children?
  • What terms does the person use?  (tone, word choice, profanity, bi-lingual?)
  • What is the person’s name?  
  • What else can describe your ideal client?


How Your Complementary Businesses Can Help

If you built your business to complement other businesses… (which as my ideal client / reader you did or are changing to) then you can start by looking at who they are targeting.  Or even better you can look at who they are.  In this case these are people I admire, love and love to work with…

See in my case I can look at Nicole Munoz of Start Ranking Now, Michele Scism of Decisive Minds, Michelle Shaeffer of Michelle Shaeffer, Kristen Eckstein of Ultimate Book Coach among others.  The products and services that these people offer may overlap in some areas.  However in many areas, my ideal client would need also need the products and services they offer.  

My ideal client would then have aspects of their ideal clients.  My ideal client would want to grow her business to 6 figures, need SEO, want to write a book, and be a bit of a geek.  (TY Michelle and Kristen for sharing the geek love!)  She would be a mom, married for a while.  Technical aspects of her website would be better left to someone else, thus she would hire Media Guard Group.  Yes, my description of her is vague here, because the details are for my team and me.   But hopefully this article will help you see how to find your ideal client and bring him or her “to life” so you can market to that single person.

Tomorrow will cover What Does Your Ideal Client Want? … Creating Your Ideal Product Profile.

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader

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